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I was appauled by what I just read.... since I have missed several days of news reports, and a "meeting" so I sat dowon to do a little research... and much to my amazement I found this on Enclave regarding statements that Howie Rose, our Emergency Management Director of Roane County:  Gee, why didn't I see this before?  These comments were about water testing, but I believe it really goes farther than that....

Ok, let me see. We have to believe "these people down here"? 

Just look at "those people's" recorded history of these events....

I'm not impressed that Mr. Rose "don't understand it all" and relies on "those people down there" to "explain it" to him. 

I'm glad he has faith, but he doesn't live in Swan Pond either. 

He hasn't been to my house.  He hasn't called me. 

And something else... Where is the "Local Emergency Planning" for this event?  Their webpage (not updated since what looks to be 2007) has the following statement:

"A prime activity for the 2005 LEPC will be to solicit all industries and agencies in Roane County which use hazardous materials to join the LEPC and be active participants in its functions.  In this way, our workers in those industries, our citizens in the surrounding communities, and our first responders and rescue personnel will have the vital information they need to be prepared for any untoward event involving hazardous materials."

So, I looked at the "Members List" and found it to be "as of April 2005" and well of course I found TVA listed there amoung the members. 

So, of course I looked at the "Meeting Minutes" from October of 2006 and what did I find? 

"Howie Rose led a discussion on the preparation of an off-site response plan for the TVA Kingston Steam Plant. Using a Planning Checklist, provided by Howie (see copy attached), good progress was made on the first task. This task involves identifying planning team members and stakeholders to include emergency response agencies, private non-profit organizations and the public. This task is scheduled for completion on November 15, 2006. The planning team will consist of a number of disciplines, each with a lead member and an alternate (See table next page). Jeff Long and Minna Andriulli will use the planning checklist to develop a time line for the completion of the off-site response plan."

It just gets better and better....

The "Checklist" includes the following:

1. Identify planning team members and stakeholders to include emergency response agencies, private non-profit organizations, and the public.    
2. Develop a compendium of emergency contact information for all stakeholders and their alternates, to include names, primary and secondary telephone numbers, addresses, email, and fax.    
3. Perform a site hazard analysis to identify hazards that may impact offsite.    
4. Rate hazards into a planning hierarchy.    
5. Identify population and critical infrastructure that may be impacted by identified hazards.    
6. Identify lead response agencies and supporting agencies for offsite response to each identified hazard.    
7. Develop response procedures for each hazard identified in the hazard assessment, to include public protection recommendations.    
8. Develop evacuation plans for offsite impacts, to include public notification methods, evacuation routes and shelter locations.    
9. Identify training requirements for emergency responders as related to identified hazards.    
10. Identify ways to educate the public of evacuation and notification plans/procedures.    
11. Establish an exercise schedule for the offsite response by expanding on the existing onsite exercise cycle.    
12. Review existing Mutual Aid Agreements to ensure adequacy.    
13. Expand upon existing mutual aid agreements to aid TVA in onsite response.    
14. Identify maximum number of population that would require evacuation from offsite hazards.    
15. Identify resources needed in response to the identified hazards that currently are not available and identify means of acquiring those resources.    
16. Conduct public meeting to solicited public input about the planning process.    

I hi-lighted a few of the points of the plan....
I can find no other "minutes" listed after that date. 
Ok... this was 2006.....

This is the website... see for yourself.


So, what happened in November 2006?  What was the evacuation plan?  When did they educate the public on evacuation?  Shelter locations?  When did they identify the population that could or would be affected?  

Ok, so where are these people that are suppose to help us? 

Where is the Department of Health?  The Red Cross?  ANYONE????
What constitutes a disaster for those agencies to show up?

Did the planning team complete a "Site Hazard Analysis"?

Where are the "Public Protection Recommendations"?

It was an obvious concern for a time in 2006.....   "EXPLAIN THAT" to me... and everyone else in Swan Pond.

So, I have questions.... where are the answers?



People want to know "are you making sure everybody is doing what they are supposed to over there?" And I tell them, I say, "I don't have to make sure." I say, "They're doing it on their own. OK?" And there's a lot of special interest groups that are out there that want to put out a lot of misinformation, and what people need to understand is that the state of Tennesee is here to help Roane County manage the technical aspects of this and they are doing a fantastic job. And what they put out is the right thing as well as the EPA, and that we're all working together to speak in one voice.

So, that is a resounding question from the people in the county is "all this information that's been put out I don't know what to believe." Well, I'm telling you what to believe. You believe what these people down here are telling you to believe because I'm seeing the data just like everybody else is. I don't understand it all, but they explain it to me, and I got faith in these people down here and what they do.


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Jan. 5th, 2009 10:51 pm (UTC)
Why is there no discussion of the radioactivity of coal ash? Media seems to be very silent on that subject.

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