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TVA... More Bad News...
It's not looking good for you... 
Can I have a credit card?

TVA in the news again... Not about the disaster.. but about SPENDING about $75 MILLION on credit cards!

Here is the story:  from WVLT TV in Knoxville

Questionable purchases by TVA employees on charge cards
Posted: 6:22 PM Mar 3, 2009

Last Updated: 6:35 PM Mar 3, 2009
Reporter: Stephen McLamb
Email Address:

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- X-boxes, TiVo's, thousands in airline tickets and even a little something at wedding bands dot com.

Just some examples of hundreds of thousands of dollars in questionable purchases made by some TVA employees.

According to a TVA inspector general's audit, TVA employees racked up 75 million dollars in charges on purchasing cards over a two year period.

One employee actually racked up a hair under 6 million dollars on six cards in over two years.

They say they are now working to prevent these purchases.

But one Roane County resident affected by the ash spill and a TVA watchdog say the spending's outrageous and enough's enough!

Betty Caldwell says, "We see the TVA boats or whatever boats are out there. We don't really know what they're doing and they don't come talk to us and let us know what they're doing."

Caldwell is still dealing with the TVA's disastrous ash spill.

But as it turns out, TVA employees using charge cards didn't let TVA know what they were charging either until an audit revealed questionable purchases.

Doubly upsetting for Betty Caldwell who once worked to uncover fraud involving federal programs.

"I think that's very sad and that tells a total lack of control over the system," says Caldwell.

The audit turned up 180-thousand dollars in questionable purchases over the last two years involving XBOX's, TV's, TiVo's, DVD players, and yard equipment.

Also on the list, a workshop and off site meeting that has $329 worth of beer, $224 in liquor and wine, plus $121 in candy, soda, and more beer.

Not to mention, some cards were found credited with fraudulent purchases including 20-thousand to United Air, 11-thousand to communications company RF Services, and 25-hundred dollars to wedding bands dot com.

"Heads need to roll and we think that this is the same sort of thing here, I mean, to spend this kind of money. They know whose credit cards those are charged on. They know what's going on. People need to be held accountable," says Stephen Smith.

Smith heads the TVA watchdog group, Southern Alliance For Clean Energy feels the biggest problem of TVA is the lack of oversight.

And for some still dealing with the ash spill, this latest news only diminishes their faith in TVA.

"I would like to believe they are going to do the right thing and we'll come out ok, but that is bothersome," says Caldwell.

TVA's Gil Francis says the audit was requested by the company's president Tom Kilgore and they agree with the findings.

But Francis says they have already taken action.

They have already begun the process of reviewing on a more consistent basis charges made and matching them up with receipts.

Francis says they've also installed merchant category codes to prevent improper purchases.



You WON'T get residents out of the area that are having health issues...  TVA "checks" the air quality and says "it's ok" and TVA leaves those families there... NO HELP... 

Even with the Doctor's recommendation (or ORDER) TVA is not honoring it's promises.

With the $75,000,000.00 that the "employees" used to buy all those luxury items... TVA could have relocated all of those families in need.

TVA - are you going to do the right thing? 

TVA - are you going to FIRE those "employees"?

TVA - are you going to get the residents out that are sick?

TVA - are you going to tell the truth?  (oops, just had to say that)

TVA - are you worried about your employees that are out there everyday following the "plan" to clean up the area?

TVA - did you tell you workers & contractors about he "hazards"?

TVA - did you tell them that even the MSDS sheet state that the "ash" is a carcinogenic (causes CANCER???)

TVA - what are you doing to protect the workers?

TVA - why is part of your "buy out" of property including waiving the rights of those families to future health care?

TVA - why is part of Swan Pond Road still blocked and the checkpoint has a sign that says that they may "SEARCH YOUR VEHICLE"? 

Can the TVA Police do this?  
On a PUBLIC road? 
To US Citizens? 
Without Cause? 
What ARE you searching for? 

Will you take my phone (because it has a camera)

Will you take my camera (which I now carry with me everywhere because of the harassment I have had to endure)

Will you search my grandson's diaper bag?  Maybe he is hiding something too..  like his inhalers, medication for his new "rash" or maybe his antibiotics.

TVA - why are you harassing residents who live in that area and want to go do church, the graveyard, the convienience center?

TVA - what are you trying to hide... (still)?

Please visit the following link for our community group that is trying to get something done...