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No more Swan Pond Christmas.....

I didn't know how this holiday "time" would effect me, or the others around me.

My family and I celebrated Christmas in 2008 the night before the disaster.....  In my Swan Pond home. 

This year we celebrated Christmas in our "other" home...  Just as last year we celebrated early... the Sunday before Christmas.

I got to thinking about the celebrations.  It was wonderful to have my family all together again.  We enjoyed each other and celebrated with the 2 new additions this year... my grand-daughter born in February and my grand-son born in August.  It was chilly outside... and some rememberances of Christmas' past was never spoken.  I didn't realize it then, but replaying the evening in my mind I noticed something....

No-one spoke about "last" Christmas....  Noone spoke the words "TVA"....  while we were all gathered there.. well at least not during the celebration.  At the end of the evening my middle son did talk about the "close call" of thier departure last year...  It was spoken quietly, only heard between three of us.  

Now, on the eve the anniversary of our "departure" from Swan Pond, I have dared not to reread my entries posted here....   There is no way that I can forget (nor can others that have moved away... or worse.. those who are still there unable to get out).

On 12/31/2008 there was a "dust storm"....  that the public was never warned about... or advised about.  I only found out later through documents from Tetra-Tech.  

There have been "dust storms" since then too.  Many documented.  Some of them recent.  I know...  I have seen the proof.

But yet, the air is fine to breath....  (then why are we in a zone where pollution is already an issue... a non-attainment area?)

And the fish are fine to eat....  (I'm NOT eating them)....  even if the EPA says the fish downstream are not endangered.... LINK: 

And the wildlife is safe.... um... maybe you need to come sit around Swan Pond and look for yourself....  

I miss my home.  I miss my privacy.  I miss my space.  

But I can't go back....  

It's a shame... a real shame.


Swan Pond lost.....

In case you missed this....

A video from Knoxnews...


Posted in the Knoxnews....  reposted at Roane Views....

This was posted on knoxnews Link... by toots9569

toots9569 writes:

Twas the night before Christmas…

Twas the night before Christmas near the TVA spill,
All the residents were breathing fly ash still.
The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
Inhaling toxic waste up in their heads.

The stockings were hung from the chimney with care,
Hoping Santa Claus would bring us fresh air.
While mama in her kerchief and I in my mask,
Were mopping floors again, we hate that task.

When out in the back yard, we heard a loud noise.
Twas four huge dredgers, run by TVA boys.
They spoke not a word, went straight to their work,
Pumping the water, dredging up the murk.

The diesels were roaring, the dump truck beds slam,
If only they’d had someone tending their dam.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Jerked open the shutter and breathed in some ash.

The spot lights glistened on the lake below,
We have to work 24 hours a day, ya’ know.
When what to my wondering eye should appear,
But barges, tugboats, more equipment to hear.

With a coal steam plant making people sick
And TVA evading our questions, good lord their slick.
More rapid then eagles, the tsunami gushed,
Like a 70 acre commode TVA had just flushed.

To the edge of our house, to the top of our dock
Came water, sludge, tree tops, and rock.
An early next morn as we got our first view
Wondered aloud what we were supposed to do?!?!

Two weeks later, the TVA elves came to our door,
By then the people living in ash were sore.
Then came all of TVA’s lies.
In six months we will clean it up, we promise you guys.

Their eyes, how they twinkle, their faces so red
They lied and lied hoping to control our dread.
Their mouths drawn up in tight little grins,
Denying all of their ecological sins.

Then the six months turned into a year,
We all realized our continued fear.
This might just take longer than they thought,
Maybe all of the effected homes should be bought.

Instead of getting TVA’s paid appraisers price,
How about a replacement cost, that would be nice?
Instead of stealing more river land,
Put a check for the replacement value in the homeowners hand.

“Oh no, too easy. It’s your houses we’ll cinch.”
Just the answer expected, from the TVA grinch.
And for Christmas we will give you sickness and such
And let you live in it, THAT PERSONAL TOUCH.

As TVA executives, their consciences obviously clear
Sit down for their Christmas dinner this year.
The visions of saving the company cash,
Their turkey and ham won’t taste like fly ash.

We’ll sit down with our family and wives,
And ponder out loud how they ruined our lives.
We really appreciate all that you’ve done,
But it’s hard to eat turkey with a respirator on!

I hope after the judge rules on this case,
We’ll have a chance to meet you face to face.
But before we meet in court for a fight,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Happy Holidays,

Your Neighbors

Thanks Toots... Be safe.   Be careful.

Hugs from Penny & Evyn



TVA chief offers no guarantees there won't be another ash spill

Posted: Dec 18, 2009 12:36 PM EST


KINGSTON (AP) -- The Tennessee Valley Authority's top executive isn't offering any guarantees there won't be a repeat of a disastrous coal ash spill like the one in Kingston a year ago that tarnished the utility's image.

Instead, Tom Kilgore says eliminating all wet ash and gypsum storage and converting all of TVA's coal-fired plants to dry storage is part of a plan "to help prevent anything like the Kingston spill from ever happening again."

He also said the Dec. 22, 2008, spill of 5.4 million cubic yards of ash won't permanently smear the utility's reputation.

Kilgore says the spill is a "painful part of our history," but TVA has a tradition of being an important part of the region's development and economic life.

What happened to common decency....

We have asked Mr. Kilgore to come to Roane County...

He has not.

Now, he has a press conference regarding the disaster....  from an office in Knoxville...  over 35 miles away...

Hey... I'll get you a good quality mask to wear...  and boots.... and gloves.  OH wait....  TVA won't even do that for those that LIVE in the area.....

Link from Metropulse regarding the conference:

It's the Day..... 1 Year Later

I have not looked... or peeked at my blog for what I see now is 9 weeks. 

Thanks to those that worried about me.  I can tell you I am still here, still struggling, still fighting, still fearing the future.

One year after the biggest environmental disaster in the history of the United States....   what has really happened?

We have found that the fault was placed at TVA's feet.  It took too many months and too many millions to prove what I already knew... what alot of us already knew.

There have been cosmetic changes to the site.  Ash is moving off site to Alabama... and now there are problems there regarding the ash run off being allowed to flow into major waterways there....  continuing the path of toxic destruction...  damage...  a viscious cycle that may never end. 

I know how the people of Alabama feel...  I do.  I still live it.

I think of all that I have missed over the last 12 months;  what if this disaster did not happen?  How would our lives be different?  I can't even imagine that....  I turn back and look....

I think back at the night of the disaster....  (and last night neither Evyn or I slept much....)  It was a surreal feeling.

I remember the quick string of phone calls in the dark of the night from my children wondering if we are ok....  and me wandering through the house peering out into the darkness to make sure the dock was there...  and the water wasn't engulfing the house (I was told that it was a "dike" break", thinking the damn had breeched).

Then the news... in the pre-dawn hours stating it would only be weeks for cleanup....  "don't worry"...  Now it's a year and it will be more "years" until "cleanup" is complete.

Emotions run through me...  Chills and fear along with hot stray tears that I find running down my cheek at the most inopportune times today.

My past is past.  I can't go back.  No one can convince me enough that it is safe.  Not now.  Even with the ATSDR report from the health department.  It was completed with missing facts....  Done too early....  Spotty at best....   people had already moved away... or were too afraid to talk.

Dust storms.... yes, they do continue, though the EPA attempts to keep the "migration" of dust down.  UGH.  My friends still have severe issues with the dust in thier homes, in the air, ash in the water that has "migrated" further downstream. 

The ash that is killing, harming, altering our fish as well as our wildlife.... BUT it's not suppose to hurt humans?  I am NOT convinced, and neither are others....  we live it... 

Due to my scheduling issues (you know, the "not enough hours in a day" issue) I have had to make serious decisions on what comes first.  I apologize that the blog has taken a back seat....  but with my return to college (for a second time) has taken the leader spot.  I can say that with one semester down...  I made the Dean's List.  4.0  (I amazed myself, really)

One more semester to go... from Jan 13 - May.  

But I will never give up on fighting for what is right.  I will never stop trying to expose the truth.  I will never give up pushing the envelope.

Please visit
www.roaneviews.com to keep up on some local info. 
www.roanecag.org for news from the community group.
http://www.epakingstontva.com to see how the EPA is working on the site.... along with pictures including aerial views.

I'm not giving up.... 

Things have kept me busy... but nothing has changed the way I feel.

I have a full class load in college... my 20-year-old chicklet has "temporarily" moved in with me... and my grand-daughter visits on weekends...   and I feel somewhat closed in...  and overwhelmed.

Today I am going to post links... since it's late I most likely have many comments... but like I said... my opinion hasn't changed. 

This comment I will share.... TVA is NOT being transparent.  TVA is NOT letting the community know information....(some info was told to a resident by one of the guards stationed at the railroad tracks.....)

By the way... it has been raining for many, many days now.... the water on the Tennessee River across from my home has risen...  expected to crest around 4am... (about 3 hours from now)....

Hope you watched the 60 Minutes segment.

TVA (and the community) are expecting a lot of press here for the 1-year anniversary of the worst environmental disaster of it's kind in the US....   I think we will have a "crowd"....

So... for some interesting links:

A fellow blogger speaks up about the TVA odyssey...

Here was the TVA agenda posted for thier October 1st meeting: 




Kingston Fossil Plant Ash Recovery Project

Public Meeting

October 1, 2009

First Baptist Church, Kingston, Tennessee



5:30 – 6:00 p.m.         Open House – subject matter experts available


6:00 – 7:30 p.m.          Welcome                    Katie Kline, TVA


              Project Updates         
                     TVA: Anda Ray, Steve McCracken, Leslie Nale

Anda will cover hard spots and highlights;
Steve will say a few words about his new role;
Leslie will talk about the test burn with TDEC;


               CAG: Brenda Timm, ChairmanBrenda will talk 
                      about the role of the CAG and introduce
                      members who are there;

                      EPA: Leo Francendese, Craig Zeller
                      Leo will talk about dredging and time-critical ash 
                      removal status;
                     Craig will cover non-time critical work (what he 
                     covered at the CAG mtg.);


             TDEC: Paul Davis, Quincy Styke

             Paul Davis will give update on TDEC work;

             Quincy will discuss results of test burn samples;


Q&A: Bruce Engelbert, Facilitator


7:30—8:00 p.m.          Subject matter experts available




I really didn't learn anything "new"... just met "new" faces.....

The 60 Minutes Segment that aired on October 4th:

TVA's response to the 60 Minutes Segment:

by the way... I am NOT comfortable with the "air monitoring" since they did not disclose the truth to me on 12/31/2008.... (and how is the air around here "good" when we are in a "non-attainment" area?)....  nor am I comfortable with the "water monitoring" ... and as for the offer of health monitoring.....  um... I am currently NOT taking part in this "STUDY" regarding the effects of coal ash on the residents of Swan Pond...  (I am no-one's lab rat)

Some resident's response to the 60 Minutes segment:

Here is the story about the EPA comments regarding the "dirty air" around the area:

My fellow blogger Ernest again speaks about TVA: 

Coal Ash.... in the news...  From dredging to removing.... and of course the "issues"... just remember that some of this info for the stories was directly from TVA.....  and TVA so far does still not stand for "transparent valley authority".

Ash spill cleanup moving faster than expected.... (not my words....)

Not "our" coal ash pond, but a must read from South Carolina:
More contamination found at SCE&G Wateree coal plant

Top Health Officials won't talk about it... but a local doctor is quoted regarding the possible health effects of Coal Ash... (remember Asbestos?)

The river is closed.... until February...

Remember the story of the "snowing" out of the TVA stack?  The "release" from thier test burn.... Oh, don't worry... it was only 75% Coal Ash..... (what?......  "only" 75%?.... where the hell are they getting the idea that it poses "little risk"... we were relocated...  because of the "coal ash" that TVA DUMPED in my community....."KISS THIS"......TVA)



TVA's official "root cause analysis"

And a note here... The COMMUNITY was NOT alerted to the inital "test burn" and a community member called TVA to ask them "what" was falling out of thier stacks....   Exactly who is paying attention????? HELLO TVA......  ARE YOU IN THERE??????  


SEPTEMBER 18, 2009

Executive Summary

The Event

On September 18, 2009, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) received a complaint at approximately 11 a.m. from a resident near TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant. When TDEC arrived at the residence, they found material appearing to be ash on the resident’s car. Personnel at Kingston were notified and investigations began. Shortly after plant notification, personnel performed on-site inspections in and around the plant and noticed the ash-like material. However, any visible fallout of material from the stack had stopped before the inspections were started. At 6:23 p.m., Unit 4 was removed from service and at 2:41 a.m. on September 19, 2009, Unit 3 was removed from service resulting in no units generating on Stack 1. Unit 9 on Stack 2 continued to operate.

Two scrubbers are being installed at Kingston to control emissions of sulfur dioxide. One of the scrubbers will be operational this fall with the second coming into service in early summer 2010. The installation of these devices will allow Kingston to burn different coals. To evaluate plant impacts while burning these coals, Kingston was burning a higher sulfur coal prior to and during this event.

A team of TVA specialists was formed to determine the root cause of the event, the contributing factors, and how to prevent this event from occurring in the future.

TDEC collected a sample of the material and their physical analysis indicates it consists mostly of fly ash. 

Analysis Results

Through data analysis, sample collection, chemical analysis of materials within the plant stack, duct and stack inspections, personnel interviews, and a review of the sequence of events, the results can be summarized as follows:

Root Cause - After the Kingston ash spill, the power plant reduced its electricity production to reduce ash generation Operating fewer units resulted in lower stack temperatures, allowing a buildup of ash with a high concentration of sulfates to collect on the stack liner.

Contributing Factors - Higher sulfur coal during the test burn exacerbated the buildup and initiated the event. It is likely that this event would have occurred at some future date even without the test burn.

Operation of the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions causes an increase in sulfur trioxide formation. This technology uses ammonia injection and ammonia in the flue gas contributed to the deposition.

Actions - Add procedures to ensure stack temperature and coal characteristics are reviewed prior to power generation and fuel changes at Kingston

Review and revise test burn procedure to address the introduction of different coal types and the current operating conditions at all TVA plants.

Investigate the operation of the SCR systems and minimize sulfur trioxide and/or unreacted ammonia.

An inspection of Stack 2 showed only very small amounts of buildup of material.
An analysis of this material showed it to be primarily fly ash with a high level of sulfates.
The higher sulfur coal being burned prior to and during the event exacerbated the build up and initiated the event.
During the investigation, a buildup of material was found in Stack1 which has likely been developing since February.
Stack 1 has operated below the temperature at which sulfur trioxide (SO3) condenses since about February 2009.

Conclusions and Future Actions

If the test burns resume, TVA will notify the public before the test begins.

OK, that's it for me... it's 1:05 am....  I have a Mid-Term in the morning... 

In the news....

First, let me remind you of the dedicated EPA website regarding the TVA disaster... 


Be sure to check it out... there is alot of information there, pictures, maps, documents, and more....

Today, it is still raining.  I ran across this story from the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

"Tennessee: TVA opening 7 dams to deal with rainfall" by Dave Flessner


The Tennessee Valley Authority has opened its floodgates to spill water through seven of its 29 dams because of heavy rains across its seven-state region.

But TVA spokeswoman Barbara Martocci said the utility does not expect any flooding problems on area reservoirs and lakes from this week’s rains.

“The flooding we’re seeing is largely localized, and we don’t anticipate any problems across the valley,” Ms. Martocci said. “The heaviest rains were in the Ocoee and Hiwassee (rivers), but there was still more rainfall in the past five days west of Chattanooga than there was east of Chattanooga.”

To help move more water from rain-soaked areas of the Tennessee Valley, TVA opened floodgates Sunday and Monday at three storage reservoirs in East Tennessee and at the four dams on the Tennessee River downstream of Chattanooga.

TVA is generating power at nearly all of its hydroelectric units and has opened some of its spill gates at the Ocoee 1 and Ocoee 2 dams in Polk County, Tenn., the Great Falls Dam 75 miles north of Chattanooga and the Guntersville, Wilson, Pickwick and Kentucky dams downstream of Chattanooga on the Tennessee River, Ms. Martocci said.

Rainfall west of Chattanooga averaged nearly 3 inches in the five days leading up to today. In the same period, rainfall averaged 2.4 inches east of Chattanooga, Ms. Martocci said.

“We typically see the heaviest rains in the our region in the winter and the spring,” she said. “But we also can see a lot of rain, especially from hurricanes and tropical storms, during this time of the year.”

For complete details, see tomorrow’s Times Free Press

and one I missed last week I call TVA vs Trust.....
from the Tennessean:

"TVA panel's private meetings squander public trust"

Commentary by Gail Kerr

Their lips may say, "Yes, Yes." But there's "No, No" in their eyes.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, the monster machine that supplies the electricity that makes your lamps work and controls what you pay for it, is preaching about an unprecedented openness in how it operates. Public input! Transparency! A new day!

Except that it isn't. TVA appointed an industry-laden 14-member panel to advise it on long-range plans. That group immediately voted to close their meetings, discussions and plans to the public.

"We are trying to be as transparent as possible," said TVA's Randy Johnson, director of the planning project.

That's a load of bull.

Actions speak louder than words. And when a board charged with making recommendations about what the future of the Southeast's largest utility should look like voted to close its meetings, all credibility in the process ceases to exist.

TVA officials shrugged their well-paid shoulders: It's a planning panel, they said. No power to vote on anything. The group made its own rules to close its meetings to the public.

Double load of bull: it's TVA's process, TVA picked who is on it, and TVA will act on what it recommends.

This is exactly the type of bad practice that an inspector general's report referred to, when it slammed TVA for lousy communication and operating with a corporate culture totally detached from its customer — you

Well, I was once told that you can always tell when TVA is lying.... "thier lips are moving".....

We will never get away from the shadows of the stacks....  

What a legacy to leave our future generations..... 

Well, what a legacy for TVA to leave our future generations that is.

 So many stories still in the news.  Stories about the disaster... stories about TVA.... stories about coal.... 

The big story this week was regarding the "ash fall-out" from TVA due to a "burn"...  no-one knew anything.... untill it starting falling.

This is TVA's offical statement... given AFTER the event:

TVA Statement

Coal Test Burn

September 2009


TVA was performing a test burn of higher sulfur coals to determine if they can be used at the Kingston Fossil Plant once its new scrubbers are operational. When material was seen coming from the stack at the plant on Friday, TVA began shutting down the one unit that was causing the release, stopping the plume from the stack.


The material being burned was a mid-level sulfur coal. The particles seen coming from the stack were a product of burning that coal after it passed through the plant’s emissions control systems. TVA has taken samples of the materials released for analysis and will investigate the cause of the release.

I received the following story from Randy Ellis regarding the event: 

Well, while we worked hard to figure out what the stuff was that was snowing down on us Friday in the Swan Pond Community,  I contacted first EPA and was then advised to contact Mrs. Scott with TDEC but she was out of town and I contacted Victor Malicis (sp) from the Air quality control unit in Knoxville.  He arrived at my parents home with in the hour. (Randy's parents live in Swan Pond and I have posted thier story here before).

 In the mean time I contacted Mike Farmer (Roane County Executive) and Chris Mason (Harriman City Mayor) and they were at the Swan Pond Baptist church with in a matter of minutes. I pointed out to them the ashy stuff on the cars and while were were standing there the ash started to fall and Chris Mason had to wipe it from his head. TDEC then arrived and had no clue what was going on they took samples which they said could be 6-8 weeks to get back. They then went to the TVA to address the issue. With in 45 minutes TDEC returned with Leslie Nale the Plant Manager for Kingston. And TVA has acquired a waiver directly from TDEC in Nashville that allows them to burn higher sulphur content coal (cheaper too) for the next month. They said they were testing this coal in the current stacks for when they burn it in the new scrubber (which makes no sense) EPA, Local Officials and Knoxville TDEC officials were unaware of the waiver to test burn and our local officials were also unaware of the test burn also. I contacted Mrs. Nale about 9:30 last night and asked if anyone in the community had been notified of what has happened and she said NO, I then asked her what the health effects were and she said they did not know. WOW, that made me feel real comfortable! I then asked that they make rounds to the 10-12 homes left in the area first thing Sat. morning to give the residents information on the release which they did. Mrs. Nale gave me her word that the burners were shut down for the weekend and that there is no plans with in the next 2 weeks to burn this material.

Now this is where all of you come into play! I need everyone to make 3 calls for me first thing Monday morning. We need to call Sen. Yeager's office the TDEC commissioners office, Jim Fyke and the Governor's office and request that the waiver granted to the TVA for this test burn be immediately revoked!

The Swan Pond Community and Roane County has been given a black eye and put thru the ringer since 12/22/09 And now they are using the residents of the Swan Pond Community and Roane County as guinea pigs for testing their new type of high sulphur coal!

We need to all work together and get your family to call and your friends to call we have got to stop what TVA is doing to Roane County.

Once again we are calling to voice our concerns over the TVA in Kingston, TN having their Test Burn of high sulphur content coal. It coated our community 09/19/09 and we were not even fore warned! And Swan Pond and Roane County has already been thru enough since the spill. And remind the Governor's office that Mr. Bredesen said he was sending TDEC here to protect the people of Roane County! Well TDEC let them do this and did not even notify the east TN region offices or reps!

Commissioner Jim Fyke (615) 532-0109

Governor's Office 615.741.2001

Sen. Ken Yager (615) 741-1449

If anyone has any questions please call me! 865-335-7981

I have attached picture to show what happened to our community on 09/18/09

what would you think if this suddenly started happening in YOUR neighborhood????

Now too, we are dealing with rain...  daily.... and sometimes I mean it's more than just a shower...

On Thursday this statement was received regarding the rainfall:

Over the past 2 days the greater-Kingston region has received a great deal of rainfall. While this has been a large precipitation event, the subsequent increase in flow in the Emory River has only been from 77 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 511 cfs as of 11:00 am this morning. Historically, this is still low flow for the Emory River. For comparison, the May 4th storm this past summer resulted in flows over 77,000 cfs, or more than 150 times the current flow. 


In keeping with our surface water sampling plan, we have taken additional water quality samples from the Emory, Clinch and Tennessee rivers due to receiving greater than 1 inch of rainfall in a 24 hour period. While complete results from these samples won’t be known for a couple of days, our instantaneous turbidity monitors do not indicate levels that would cause any concern. Turbidity measurements are a good indicator of any potential movement of ash downstream.


I will keep you posted should flows in the Emory continue to increase. Periodically and as conditions dictate, I’ll be contacting you with environmental updates. However, please feel free at anytime to contact me if you have any questions concerning Kingston ash spill environmental issues.


Katie (Bell) Kline


Senior Manager, Community Relations


Tennessee Valley Authority

Ok... do we build an ark now?  Sing an ongoing chorus of "rain, rain, go away"...  the news is reporting rain over a widespread area all night..  ALL NIGHT...

(maybe I should become spongebob....)

Then of course I found this one:  

"State reaches settlement over coal ash slide in Forward" from the Pittsburg Post

Forward, being Forward Township PA... home of another Coal Ash disaster.....

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The state Department of Environmental Protection announced today it has reached an agreement to resolve all litigation in connection with a 2005 ash slide on River Hill Road in Forward.

An embankment adjacent to River Hill Road, made of coal ash deposited decades ago, collapsed on Jan. 25, 2005, and temporarily dammed the stream at the embankment's base. When the ash dam failed, water carried the material through the valley and onto Rostosky Ridge Road, a residential street, according to a news release.

The agreement calls for more than $3 million in claims and damages to be paid to the state and to 25 residents on or near Rostosky Ridge Road. The state will receive approximately $1.8 million for cleanup costs and monitoring, with the rest going to the residents.

The money is coming from the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County, which owned a leaking water line under the shoulder of River Hill Road; and from West Penn Power, now a subsidiary of Allegheny Energy, which arranged to dispose of fly ash waste generated by its Mitchell Power Station sometime during the 1950s and 1960s.

First published on September 15, 2009 at 4:37 pm

and let's not forget those in Perry County...

"EPA forum on TVA coal ash draws crowd in Alabama"  from Knoxnews.com


UNIONTOWN, Ala. (AP) — A standing-room crowd turned out to hear about plans for dumping millions of tons of Tennessee coal ash in a poor Alabama county where some are worried about the long-term effects of the disposal.


William Gibbs, a retired General Motors plant worker who lives a mile from the Arrowhead Landfill, where the ash is being buried, said he is concerned about the safety of the ash and the effect on property values.


"You hear the trains late at night, 'Bam. Bam,'" Gibbs said during the meeting Wednesday night.


Dozens of rail cars loaded with tons of coal ash are being sent to Perry County daily from Kingston, Tenn. The ash — which contains small amounts of toxic materials including arsenic and lead — was released in a huge accident at a Tennessee Valley Authority power plant in December, and the shipments will continue for months.


Officials with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the landfill operator said the work was safe, and members of the Perry County Commission said it was providing badly needed revenue for the impoverished county.


Franklin Hill, a regional executive with EPA, said the Arrowhead Landfill is "the Cadillac" of the disposal industry.


"This is a state-of-the-art facility," Hill said. EPA approved plans to ship the ash to Alabama.


Dozens of railroad cars loaded with tons of coal ash are being sent to Perry County daily from Kingston, Tenn. The ash was released in a huge accident at a Tennessee Valley Authority power plant in December, and the shipments will continue for months.


Eddie Dorsett, president of landfill operator Phill-Con Services, said the economic benefit for Perry County has been tremendous.


"At the end of July, we wrote a check to Perry County for $161,000 and gave another $8,000 for the road fees," Dorsett said. "And we've been very satisfied with the workers we've hired from Perry County. They come and work under harsh conditions for long hours."


County Commission Chairman Fairest Cureton said he isn't worried about coal ash coming into the county.


"I believe the coal ash project poses no real threat to you or anybody else .... I drink the same water you drink," he said.


District Attorney Michael Jackson was one of the few politicians to speak out against the project.


"I get tired of these poor areas being the dumping ground for the rest of the nation. They never put hazardous waste in a rich county," Jackson said.

I get tired of all the TVA "crapola" too.....  so do alot of residents in our area....  It's enough to make me sick... literally.


It seems I keep getting lost......


I sit and reflect on life... and have come to some conclusions that stir my soul.

I think about how sometimes lately I have not been a good friend...  I have found myself withdrawing inward..  instead of reaching outwards.  To my friends... I am sorry.  I have not retreated from you... and I miss you.

I think about decisions... and how those have directed my life. Those things I cannot change....  but wonder what would have happened if I would have chosen a different path.  Would there be a difference?  Do I want to know? 

Have I done everything I can do... for all I need to do... for all the right reasons?
I can't even answer that one....

To those that read my blog.... I aplogize for the days of blank entries.... missing posts....  my unexplained absence in this disaster that continues to unfold around us. 

I have to put Evyn to bed...  my daughter is here along with her daughter....  and that is another story all in itself.

There is alot going on... and I need to share.  Please come back and I promise a story or two.


Penny - aka - lifeonswanpond
I can be contacted at lifeonswanpond@comcast.net