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No more Swan Pond Christmas.....

I didn't know how this holiday "time" would effect me, or the others around me.

My family and I celebrated Christmas in 2008 the night before the disaster.....  In my Swan Pond home. 

This year we celebrated Christmas in our "other" home...  Just as last year we celebrated early... the Sunday before Christmas.

I got to thinking about the celebrations.  It was wonderful to have my family all together again.  We enjoyed each other and celebrated with the 2 new additions this year... my grand-daughter born in February and my grand-son born in August.  It was chilly outside... and some rememberances of Christmas' past was never spoken.  I didn't realize it then, but replaying the evening in my mind I noticed something....

No-one spoke about "last" Christmas....  Noone spoke the words "TVA"....  while we were all gathered there.. well at least not during the celebration.  At the end of the evening my middle son did talk about the "close call" of thier departure last year...  It was spoken quietly, only heard between three of us.  

Now, on the eve the anniversary of our "departure" from Swan Pond, I have dared not to reread my entries posted here....   There is no way that I can forget (nor can others that have moved away... or worse.. those who are still there unable to get out).

On 12/31/2008 there was a "dust storm"....  that the public was never warned about... or advised about.  I only found out later through documents from Tetra-Tech.  

There have been "dust storms" since then too.  Many documented.  Some of them recent.  I know...  I have seen the proof.

But yet, the air is fine to breath....  (then why are we in a zone where pollution is already an issue... a non-attainment area?)

And the fish are fine to eat....  (I'm NOT eating them)....  even if the EPA says the fish downstream are not endangered.... LINK: 

And the wildlife is safe.... um... maybe you need to come sit around Swan Pond and look for yourself....  

I miss my home.  I miss my privacy.  I miss my space.  

But I can't go back....  

It's a shame... a real shame.