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I live (and breath) in the TVA Ash

Just a moring note...

No call back regarding the HEPA filters... I will be calling my point person and find out why.

The Ash is drying... and it's not all wet anymore.  Still no answers to the exact content of the ash....

This is a HUGE concern.  Large amounts of dry ash & even a calm breeze moves these lightweight particles around.  They settle on everything.  We are breathing them.

I found where the Knox News put up some links with information that was in the handout I was given yesterday:









The last link has a lot of pictures of the damages to the area.

Please keep this information flowing.  Stay informed. 

Thanks to my friends for forwarding this information.

Once last comment:

I have to remind myself that people that are not close to this tragedy can say things that still "scrape" the open wounds of the disaster here.... like one that said to me "so you live next to the "ash hole".....  Ok.  I am NOT amused.  (I'm afraid that we will most likely see this as a bumper sticker soon) 

Open invitation for them to camp out here at my house for a week...bring your wife, kids and dogs..... 
.......Gee, I hope they bring thier own water.